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Love Glows

With Love, passion and commitment we pride ourselves on making every wedding, function and event magical, down to the very last detail of our stylish and different marquee lettering and lights! Our aim is to make lasting impressions, that fairytale made of magic! Having that glowing love at your wedding or event. We want to make sure that you, your family and friends are blown away and raving about it for years to come!

You only get one chance to make it that extra special and we would love to help you create that vision

Kim Ramsey

Love and Protect

Creating Beautiful Memories in weddings and events for more than 8 years in the Hunter Valley, Love and Protect provide stunning flameless candles that are so realistic it will leave you breathless! Flameless candles won’t create heat, wilt florals, damage linens and furniture, won’t drip and won’t blow out on your wedding day. But that’s just the beginning of the magic ….

Love and Protect houses gorgeous antique pieces to style your wedding, from stunning boho brassware to gorgeous vintage silverware, lanterns, chandeliers and more. Abby can help you from planning your styling across all elements of your wedding, to simply hiring a few pieces to compliment your own collection.

Abby Crawford

Artistry by Jasmine specialises in bespoke designs custom for your wedding or event. From the very beginning, we go through each step, all the design elements and what is inspiring your aesthetic to create the perfect suite. Starting her career in fine arts, Jasmine has an expansive portfolio and creates custom stationery suites, signage, place cards and more. Passionate about the details, Artistry by Jasmine provides a fun and easy personal experience for each unique couple.

Jasmine Oliver

Opulent Events

For over 11 Years, we have been designing beautiful elegant weddings and corporate events with a distinctive elegant flair. Our ongoing search for beautiful styling pieces is fired by our passion for gorgeous furniture, linens, lighting and other elements to create a warmth and unique style you want to share with your friends and family on the most romantic, celebration your life.

Our style is classic, timeless elegance so you are sure to never regret the decisions you make in years to come.

Loretta Carini

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