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The Winmark Wines estate takes its personality from multi-award-winning businesswoman Karin Adcock. Karin has poured other lifelong loves, ranging from a passion for interiors to expertise in revitalising large properties, into the estate. Karin is renowned for bringing PANDORA jewellery from her native Denmark to Australia. She started the business in her Northern Beaches garage […]
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Winemaker & Consultant
Winemaker and consultant John Belsham has been engaged to lend his 35 years of Chardonnay winemaking expertise to Winmark Wines. Chardonnay is without a doubt one of his favourite varietals with which to work and was the first wine he made at his own New Zealand wine company, Foxes Island, in 1992. It’s been said […]
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Liz Riley, Viticulturist of the Year 2017, has a prestigious list of credentials that began as a teenager and spans global territory. Liz won the coveted Australian Nuffield Scholarship after completing a Bachelor of Wine Science and travelled to Europe and North America to focus on global agriculture and sustainable viticulture. She has also worked […]
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Vineyard Manager
Dave was born into a viticultural family in Broke to parents who worked collectively for three decades on the Winmark property when it was known as Pooles Rock. Dave completed a Diploma of Viticulture in 1999 and worked with his father in vineyard development to learn about all facets of viticulture. He started his own […]
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