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The Winmark Wines estate takes its personality from multi-award-winning businesswoman Karin Adcock. Karin has poured other lifelong loves, ranging from a passion for interiors to expertise in revitalising large properties, into the estate.

Karin is renowned for bringing PANDORA jewellery from her native Denmark to Australia. She started the business in her Northern Beaches garage and transformed it into the world’s most successful PANDORA entity. She achieved double per capita sales of the second most successful PANDORA country, Britain, and five times the sales of Denmark before selling it back to PANDORA.

Karin’s skill is “being the glue” that binds her talented team together helped her win the NSW Telstra Businesswoman of the Year award in 2010.

Karin spent a decade in her youth as a project manager, revitalising scores of large properties in Denmark and offshore, ranging from educational facilities to what was the world’s largest mango farm at the time.

She purchased the former Pooles Rock property, which had been neglected for five years, in 2016 to create a special place for family to gather and connect.

“I am dedicated to restoring Winmark, to creating a unique and beautiful place to explore, experience and unwind,” Karin said. “I am passionate about its history and feel a responsibility to provide an authentic restoration for future generations to share.

“I don’t skimp on the details and I want people’s visit to Winmark to be a unique experience that stays with them.”

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