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Hydrangea Home

$7,400.00 (inc. tax)

Size: 143 x 123cm
Medium: Oil and Acrylic
Frame: Stretched canvas with oak box frame

About the Artist: Felicia Aroney is Western Australian born, now living and working in Sydney as a leading contemporary artist. Felicia draws inspiration from her European heritage, channeling the distressed and peeled painted facades of classical architecture. Working with oils and acrylics, her distinctive abstracted floral works, and contemporary abstracts she utilises a highly sculptural mark-making process. Using a palette knife to layer and shape the paint until it stands relief from the canvas. Her newly appointed collages are just another expression of Felicia's love of her Australian environment. Felicia paintings evoke a sense of history and antiquity mixed with all things Australian. A wonderful synergy of her European heritage and Australian background.

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Upon purchasing artwork or sculptures, our team will be in touch to discuss delivery options based on your selection and destination. You are always welcome to purchase and collect from our Art Gallery.

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