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$7,500.00 (inc. tax)

Size: 120 x 120cm
Medium: Acrylic impasto
Frame: Unframed, stretched canvas on ply

About the Artist: Rebecca Pierce is a practicing Artist and Designer. Rebecca primarily works with paint, inks and fine points on canvas and paper. Her work initially with a design and finely detailed orientation harnesses these elements whilst exploring aspects of the natural and urban landscape. The interpretation of the human face and the reading of the landscape, effects of cyclical, emotional and climatic changes to ourselves and others responses to these are often drawn upon. The unpredictability of Rebecca’s subject, frequently rendered to create a third dimension, can often simultaneously create tension laced with elements of playfulness.

Read more about Rebecca in our art gallery.

Upon purchasing artwork or sculptures, our team will be in touch to discuss delivery options based on your selection and destination. You are always welcome to purchase and collect from our Art Gallery.

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