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Blurred Lines Round Small

$1,100.00 (inc. tax)

Size: H 25.5cm W 30cm D 83cm
Material: Plaster and epoxy vessels

Titled “Blurred Lines,” this artwork draws inspiration from my personal journey. The lines within the piece symbolize the diverse paths to success, acknowledging the multitude of routes that may sometimes become obscured and blurred. What initially appears straightforward and clear-cut black & white reveals shades of grey, with bursts of vibrant color. The warm tones serve as a reassuring reminder that everything will eventually fall into place and be alright.

The break in the vessel serves as a visual representation of individualism, underlining the uniqueness of each person, as no two individuals are alike.

About the Artist:

Dominique is a multifaceted contemporary artist. She embarked on her creative journey in 1972 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her initial artistic inspiration ignited while drawing with her father on paper napkins. Dominique thrived in art school, earning a graphic design diploma and a Fine Arts II certificate.

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