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Banksia, Fig and Kiwi

$2,100.00 (inc. tax)

Size: 91.4 x 69.8cm
Medium: watercolour and pen on Arches 640gsm cotton paper
Frame: Tasmanian oak frame non-reflective art glass

About the Artist: Emma Elise Petterson is a self-taught watercolourist from Sydney Australia. She paints out of her home studio where she loves exploring colours, granulation, and a wide range of subject matter. She first started using watercolours to lessen feelings of anxiety. She finds the unpredictable nature of watercolours to be therapeutic as it reflects the uncontrollable world around us. Her art is a way to express peace, joy and her vibrant spirit.

Read more about Emma in our art gallery.

Upon purchasing artwork or sculptures, our team will be in touch to discuss delivery options based on your selection and destination. You are always welcome to purchase and collect from our Art Gallery.

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