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Vintage 23 is picked!

Winmark Wines has a rich viticultural history, dating back to 1972 when the first vines were planted with Penfolds clone on Block 4 on our vineyard. The icon ‘seven two’ Chardonnay is produced exclusively using this premium fruit, and is only produced when conditions are ideal.

With over 40 volunteers from our Rock Club members and friends, the hand pick of this prestigious block for Vintage 23 was a success! Under the guidance of Vineyard Manager Dave Grosser, the team were out early on Saturday morning in ideal conditions.

Our team of wine-making experts were very impressed with the quality of the 5 ½ tonne yield, which we look forward to using to produce our Vintage 23 Icon 7 2 Chardonnay. After the success of our vintage 22 Icon 7 2, this Chardonnay is highly anticipated for it’s opulent palate – we can’t wait for it’s release!

The picking team were ravenous for the BBQ breakfast in the vines, before relaxing over a long lunch in the shade of the alfresco are of Mio Monte. This hand-picking event is quickly becoming a ‘must-do’ for many of our members and we look forward to sharing more with you!

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