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Sea Salt & Sage Catering

Sea Salt and Sage, a catering business established in Newcastle, Australia, is the brain child of Gianna and Leah Della-Grotta, a dynamic mother-daughter duo whose culinary expertise runs as deep the Italian cuisine they represent. Sea Salt and Sage spans across Newcastle and Lake Macquarie, The Hunter Valley, Port Stephens, and Sydney.

From elegant canapés to sumptuous banquet meals and inviting family-style shared dining experiences, Sea Salt and Sage caters to a diverse array of occasions. With an unwavering commitment to quality and service, Gianna and Leah ensure that every event is a testament to their passion for great food and genuine hospitality.

Sea Salt and Sage is where the warmth of family traditions meets the zest of Italian flavours, leaving clients and guests alike with cherished memories of unforgettable meals.


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