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Rusty's Run 2023

$35.00 (inc. tax)

Honouring the estate’s favourite pooch ‘Rusty’ and the legacy he left on us all, Rusty’s Run is our fun and playful Chardonnay, who, like Rusty, is full of energy and vigour. The fruit is harvested in the cool of the early morning to retain freshness and vibrancy and vinified traditionally to maintain intrigue, warmth, complexity and grace.


Pale lemon in colour, this approachable young wine has hints of citrus, nashi pear and apple, which flow seamlessly into lovely cashews and steel-cut oats on the back palate. The finish is clean, crisp and perfectly balanced with a backbone of lively acidity. A fruit-driven wine, with subdued oak giving this wine a modern style, great texture and approachability. Designed for early drinking but with careful cellaring, it will reward for up to 5 years.

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