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Rock Club Membership a minimum of 12 bottles twice per year

From: Starting at $336.00 (inc. tax) every 3 months

If you love our Chardonnay, then you're going to love our NEW Rock Club*offering!

Member Benefits:

  • Save 20% on your regular wine orders AND online wine orders
  • Minimum order is just 12 bottles of wine, twice per year
  • Free Shipping
  • Members save 10% on Winmark Accommodation bookings
  • Member priority access to Winmark events
  • 2 complimentary glasses of Winmark Expressions when visiting
  • Complimentary tasting for guests of Rock Club members
  • 2 free Riedel wine glasses
  • No Joining or annual membership fee
  Product Quantity

Rusty's Run 2023

$28.00 (inc. tax)

Winmark Expressions Chardonnay 2021

$33.60 (inc. tax)

Winmark Single Vineyard Reserve Chardonnay 2022

$49.60 (inc. tax)

Icon 7 2 Chardonnay 2022

$76.00 (inc. tax)

Minimum commitment a dozen wines, twice per year.
Choose a subscription plan:

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