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Don't lose your grip

$20,000.00 (inc. tax)

Size: 200cm H 250cm W 250cm D
Materials: Corten Steel 

“The ride to Wollombi is exhilarating; winding roads over hills, valleys, Lemmings Corner and Murrays Run – all dangerous. Riders lose control and SOME lose their lives, Since I moved to Wollombi the sound of sirens has become familiar.” Spread word on the trip: “Go easy on the curves, don’t lose your grip!”

About the Artist:

Stephen Coburn describes his style as a balance between Human endeavour and Nature; there is an environmental theme through his work. This can be seen in his series “Revenge of the Roadkill” where he turns cars into animals. Coburn continues to paint, make sculpture and play music from his studio in Mosman.

Read more about Stephen in our art gallery.

Upon purchasing artwork or sculptures, our team will be in touch to discuss delivery options based on your selection and destination. You are always welcome to purchase and collect from our Art Gallery.

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