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Balloon Series #5

$650.00 (inc. tax)

Size: 47 x 34.5cm
Medium: Oil on canvas
Frame: Black/orange timber frame

About the Artist: Camilla Blachmann’s creative power is unique, humble and alluring. In a newly established gallery and workshop in the small, magical mountain town of Ceriana and in her hometown of Copenhagen, Camilla’s artwork is shaped and redeemed. Her works are a combination of  sharp graphic colours, a mastery of the vivid, yet at the same time a dreamy and ornamental image creation. Not many visual artists are capable of this empathetic inclusion of scenery from the course of life and all its transitions.

Read more about Camilla in our art gallery.

Upon purchasing artwork or sculptures, our team will be in touch to discuss delivery options based on your selection and destination. You are always welcome to purchase and collect from our Art Gallery.

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