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Interview with Sonia Payes

Between the sky and the sea·her power, June 2023

In 2023, on the eve of World Environment Day (June 5) and World Ocean Day (June 8), an art dialogue exploring the theme of the symbiotic relationship between human beings and the earth will be held in the Australian contemporary artist Sonia Payes (Sonia Payes) The art studio in Prahran, Melbourne is slowly unfolding. Sonia's photography and sculpture works have not only been invited to art exhibitions in Australia and around the world, but her art stories and ideas have also become hot topics in VOGUE, Art Wall Street, and wealth circles. This art dialogue is hosted by the famous Chinese poet and art critic Aileen Moka.

Image credit: Sonia Payes Art Studio

There seems to be light among the mountains and rivers. The natural landscape where Sonia's sculptures are located provides the public with a place to rest and meditate, a place to roam among the dimensions of nature, time, and space. Here, individual vitality can be explored and discovered, allowing thoughts to drift between consciousness and unconsciousness, material and non-material, and through the participation of every individual with fresh vitality, an intimate relationship between human beings and nature is built.

Image credit: Aileen Moka

Sonia's art is a belief and an aspiration. Through the updating and filtering of memory and consciousness, she has gradually built her own artistic context, just as her works have explored the ability of human beings to continuously adapt to the changing environment of the earth during the long evolution process. Throughout her career, Sonia has combined her basic photography work with digital imagery, 3D technology, animated film and sculpture. Her work often explores and examines key issues facing humanity, such as "parallel futures" and "rebirth", which address important issues facing humans and nature. During the art dialogue, Sonia led us through decades of exploration, and witnessed the transformation, fission and butterfly transformation of her artistic career, and the reciprocation and iteration.

Growth is the tenacity and fearlessness in the tempering of life, the calmness and calmness in the thick accumulation, and the diversity and inclusiveness after the cognition is improved. Australian artists have never been absent from such profound themes as exploring the symbiotic relationship between humans and the planet. All the contemplations of contemporary artist Sonia Pace reveal the love and concern for the world from the perspective of independent female art.

Between sea and sky, her perspective, her strength. Sonia's works explore the extinction that the extreme environment of ice and fire will bring to human beings, as well as the destructiveness of the focus of humanization on nature and the uncertainty of the future. I hope that this kind of discussion can arouse more attention and arouse deep resonance.

Image credit: Sonia Payes Art Studio

In the interview, Sonia shared the works of art exhibited in various parts of Australia in recent years. She used three-dimensional sculptures to recreate her daughter's facial expressions in lines and digits, presenting a unique art form. Sonia uses Australia's natural scenery and geographical characteristics to deeply integrate with sculptures, forming a unique cultural landscape. The sculpture group standing in the sunset guards the quiet Pacific Ocean. The streamlined curved surface not only reflects the ever-changing light and shadow, but also reflects the unpredictable interactive emotions between the portraits and all things. The passage of time, the evolution of time and space, and the infinite blank space are intertwined, creating a fleeting and changing image, triggering countless passions for exploration and discovery, and making people rethink in the natural energy field: this The living planet is not only our siege, but also our hope to reshape the future. What kind of posture should human beings take to live in harmony with it?

Image credit: Sonia Payes Art Studio

Her cheeks undulate on the ocean and beach, extending from the cliffs and cliffs; it is the imagination of the rippling blue waves, and the endless growth of lush greenery. Whether it is an iconic Australian beach or a rural oasis, Sonia's sculptures are rooted in the region and integrated into the environment, blending with the local culture and nature, with a low-key restraint and natural tranquility. At the same time, the artistic tension emerging from the ground is also a metaphor for the mutual perception, endless life, and shared destiny of human beings and natural landscapes. With the opening and evolution of cognition, the process from static isolation to interactive integration becomes natural and transparent.

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