Erik Flygenring is a Danish artist who was always dedicated to drawing, painting, sculpturing, even throughout his working life as a consultant surveyor.

Upon his retirement in 2008 he became a fulltime artist working from his work shop at home, in Troense a tiny island near Svenborg located in the Southern provincial part of Denmark, where he lives with his wife Birgit.

Erik spends his time creating oil paintings and small sculptures in wood and bronze.

Each piece represents a minor fantasy universe of various human characteristics, habits, feelings and reflections. The wooden sculptures are produced out of pieces of old building timber and original handmade nails of which most are collected by himself. Most paintings and sculptures are inhabited by small human “Joyfullies”.

Erik has exhibited at City Halls and Art Galleries in various Danish provincial towns.

He has been portrayed on Danish Television.

He has recently exhibited with is son Søren Flygenring Basset who is also an artist as well as being a chemical engineer. Together they represent a world of fantasy and beauty.